sábado, 27 de julio de 2013

What Accent is correct? British or American.

British English or American English:

Until a few years ago the best accent was considered to be the Queen´s or King´s English. Today we call it "Standard English or Received Pronunciation" and the Oxford Dictionary defines as The Standard form of British English pronunciation, based on educated speech in southern England. This is the kind of pronuniation that you may find in written phonetic symbols after words in dictionaries and English textbooks, and for years considered the proper or acceptable way to speak.
This accent traditionally has belonged to the people with good education, moreover, it is considered the accent of the upper classes.
Since 1960, there has been a great change in the world acceptance of accents, since the globalization has been present in all the societies around the world. Different accents
in the world of business have been ineracting avery moment, linking cultures and peoples. Modern Media,Music, Culture and education, also have accepted new terms and slang that enrich the English language.As a result, newly accents spread rapidly in and out of the English speaking countries. Critics urge recently the need to globalize the English accents becoming a common way to pronounce the English language. I personaly remark that as long as the accent can be understood around the world, the English language goal of communication will be reached.

sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Mtro. Víctor López A.

                        FAUSTINO VICTOR LOPEZ AGUILAR             
Faustino Victor Lopez Aguilar is an International Fulbright teacher from Mexico. He is a High School administrator and a specialist in EFL and ESL. He has a Ba. D in English, a Ba. D in Education, a Ba.D in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in “Methodology in Teaching English”.Mr. Lopez has been in the field of education for 33 years. In his country, he is in charge of providing seminars, training and workshops to English teachers. Additionally, he is a mentor for the master’s Program of English in his State.  As a Fulbrighter, he attended University of Maryland in College Park for the Fall Semester 2011 in order to conduct a research on “Task-Based Language Teaching to improve Speaking skills and Listening Comprehension”. Here, in the U.S, he visited a number of Public Schools of different levels in Maryland, New York, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania in order to observe the methodologies that Language instructors are applying and the most effective ways to incorporate technology tools into the language instruction. Furthermore, he also participated in seminars and colloquiums on this field. During this five month experience at the University of Maryland, he interviewed Language Experts and audited some Graduate Classes related to Language Learning. In college, he also observed undergraduate classes in the school of languages. Among other experiences, he attended East Carolina University in NC in 1989, he worked as a language teacher in Chocowinity High School N.C. in 1990-1992 and since then, he has joined other educational programs in Miami, New York, Chicago, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. This outstanding experience offered Mr. Lopez a clear scope of the American System of education and the needs of the Mexican System of Education. For further information contact him:  viktorlopezaguilar@yahoo.com.mx  viktorlopez1960@hotmail.com